Lowell Wealth Strategy

Our firm provides investment management services for client portfolios after a thorough review of a client’s goals, risk profile, and financial sophistication. Our philosophy is primarily focused on bringing institutional style investing to Main Street. Our strategy is similar to traditional strategies in that we broadly allocate between equities, to protect portfolios from inflation, and debt, to protect against deflation. That, though, is where the likeness ends. In addition to the usual stock and bond allocations, we utilize a broad variety of investment strategies to minimize the correlation to stock and bond markets.

Most of our clients’ broad goals are to grow the value of their portfolio and at some point take income from it. The goal of institutional endowment funds is the same. We strive to create asset allocation models similar to those pioneered by David Swenson for the Yale University endowment fund generally acknowledged as the leader in the field.

Guiding Principles

Lowell Wealth Managements mission is to serve our clients and their families by helping them build, grow, and protect their wealth through financial planning and investment management services; applying the highest standards of integrity, excellence, innovation and professionalism.
The vision of Lowell Wealth Management is to be the very best financial services firm in the region, engaging the best and brightest advisors working with industry leading partners in holistic financial planning, asset allocation, risk management, and asset management. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients attain their life goals.
The Lowell Wealth Management culture embraces the concept of treating all people with dignity and respect, with the goal of creating wealth in a way only a truly independent wealth management firm may achieve.

Stocks, Mutual Funds, and Equity Accounts

Fixed Income Securities: Municipal and Taxable Bonds

Direct Investments: Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Venture Capital